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Welcome to 2HR!


4.2.19 As we currently have a Spotlight on Science, we have had a new arrival to our class... a caterpillar! We will be observing the changes this animal makes over time to aid our understanding of the topic Animals Including Humans.

13.2.19 We are closely watching for any changes in Colin the Caterpillar but in the meantime we have been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Our curiosity was really sparked when watching a time-lapse of a larva wrapping itself in a chrysalis , undergoing the magnificent process of metamorphosis!

26.3.19 Over the past few weeks we have moved on to learning about how to keep our bodies healthy. We have discussed our basic needs and different ways we can keep our bodies healthy. This included eating the correct amount of different types of food, so we designed a healthy menu to showcase our knowledge!

Tuesday 19th February

Roll up! Roll up! This week we became news reporters and gathered evidence from the Great Fire of London to inform the people of London of the disastrous happenings. We even spoke to an eye witness who gave us a detailed insight from the fiery scene. We worked very hard to get our reports finished just in time for the printing of the London Gazette. Hopefully you will be able to read our information very soon!

In maths, we worked on our knowledge of fractions using our squeaky voice to find the numerator and our low voice to find the denominator. Firstly, we began our learning through practical means before moving on to recording our work in the written method.

Thursday 14th February

There have been some strange goings on this week in 2HR! One evening, Samuel Pepys paid a visit to our classroom and Miss Ross was lucky enough to meet and interview him. In our English lesson we watched the interview to learn some new facts about this significant historical figure. We then discovered that when he had left our classroom, he buried his diary in our planters! We dug it out amongst his wine and cheese to unravel more details about his life. This meant that we could write a biography of Samuel Pepys' life to showcase our new found knowledge.

During our maths learning, we have built on our skill of measurement through volume and capacity. We began by estimating the volume of water in a given container before working out the actual figure using a measuring jug. We have also been very creative by ordering and sorting different containers based on our own criteria such as their capacity and uses.

Monday 4th February

We have been absolute star learners this past week in Year 2! Having a focus on grammar in our English lessons, we have become experts in using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions, past and present tense and the four sentence types (statement, command, question and exclamation). We applied these learnt skills to a piece of writing about the Great Fire of London. We then compared this text type to the leaflets we created informing the reader about the events in 1666.

Our maths lessons have centred around statistics where we learnt to present data in a tally chart, frequency chart, Venn diagram and Carroll diagram. We have discussed which methods of data recording are useful in different everyday situations to link our maths to the wider world. On Arithmetic Friday we used our knowledge of the column method to answer questions on the four operations and complete reasoning problems involving this skill.

Monday 7th January

Hello all and a happy new year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the two weeks rest. 2HR are ready to dive back in this term, especially as we have got some really exciting learning planned around our new topic 'The Great Fire of London'. We are also starting a new science topic looking at Animals including humans which covers a variety of scientific areas. Thank you for your continued support and I am looking forward to seeing what this half term brings.

Miss Ross

Monday 10th December

This week in 2HR we have really gotten into the Christmas spirit helped by the visit of a naughty Elf! Each morning we are finding him in a new location in the classroom and some days we have discovered that he has done something cheeky such as eaten some chocolates, made a mess in the reading corner and even been swinging off some tinsel! Nonetheless, we have continued to be busy working elves our self, especially as Santa’s helpers have installed a CCTV camera which feeds all the way into the North Pole… Santa is watching our every move!

In our English learning we have been focussing on grammar to improve our writing. This includes homophones, conjunctions, commas in a list and contractions.

In maths, we began learning to tell the time! We looked at o’clock and half past and even challenged ourselves with quarter to and quarter past. We have now moved onto comparing and sorting common 3-D shapes based on their properties.

With the Christmas Production ‘The Inn-Spectors’ fast approaching the children are hard at work learning their lines, stage directions and songs. Thank you so much for the support you have given us with this, by helping your children to practise their lines at home – it is much appreciated. The costumes are also looking fantastic, thank you for putting the effort in with those. We can’t wait to share our festive masterpiece with you on Thursday 13th December 2pm. Hope to see you there! Merry Christmas! Miss Ross.

Spotlight on Science

We have been very busy scientists working on an important ‘shock absorption’ project. Our friend Eggbert the Safety Inspector called upon us for some assistance. He was a very brave egg, maybe the bravest to ever exist. Eggbert had to test lots of different activities to make sure they were safe for all the other eggs in the world. Over the years Eggbert had tested rollercoasters, bungee jumps, parachutes and even air bags in cars. However, this time Eggbert faced his toughest challenge yet! We helped by testing which materials were shock absorbent so that when we dropped Eggbert we kept him safe! We have practised our scientific skills of asking questions, observing changes over time and comparing our results to complete a fair test.

Tuesday 4th December

Hello all. I just wanted to say a really big thank you to everyone who was able to come and support our Family learning event yesterday. It was great to see such a brilliant turnout and I think you will join me in saying that we all had such a wonderful time creating our royal crafts together. Well done for getting so stuck in and making the most of it.

Friday 30th November

We have been super busy in 2HR over the last few weeks… we have even had a couple of visits from the magic man himself – Merlin! We then turned into Merlin’s helpers to write instruction for and brew our very own potions. Some of the ingredients we used included unicorn wee, bat wings, crushed fairy wings and extract of toad!

During maths, we have been getting our brains in gear to work out fractions of shapes and numbers. We have come up with a super silly way to remember which part of the fraction is the denominator and which is the numerator – just ask your child! Some of us began to use fractions for real life purposes such as working out the fraction of fruit in a bowl and the fraction of each chocolate in a celebrations tub (trying very hard not to eat any!)

Friday 21st September

This week, we have travelled back in time... Mrs Powell delivered a scroll to Year 2 which explained that unfortunately, our current King Arthur Pendragon is missing! The message was addressed from the Six Ladies, who asked the children to help them find the King by creating a missing person poster with a description of King Arthur.  Luckily, Year 2 accepted this challenge and have been working on their description of King Arthur's appearance and personality to include in their poster. Some will be put on display around school in the hope that we will find our King!

In maths, the children became shape detectives by identifying and describing a range of regular and irregular 2-D shapes. We have learnt some new vocabulary such as vertices and lines of symmetry, along with using a mirror as a mathematical resource to identify symmetrical shapes. Finally, we have sorted shapes using a Venn diagram based on their properties.

For our science topic of Materials, we have been exploring how to sort materials into natural and man-made and explaining how we know this.


Hi everyone just a quick spelling update from Mr Locke

Spelling update
Hello everyone,
I just wanted to clarify the procedure for our weekly spelling tests, as I know there has been some confusion about our marking system. 
Every Friday the children will be tested on their new words,  which are derived from the Year 2 National Curriculum spelling rules.  
When the tests are marked we of course look at the spelling of those words but we also look at a few other things as well.
We check to see if the word is legible (if we can't read it, we can't mark it), whether ascenders and descenders are written correctly e.g. if a p doesn't have the tail below the line then that would make it a capital or if an ascender sits on the line and is the same size as a regular letter for example if a k is the same size as an a. These may seem like quite small silly little things but they make a big difference.
These are two of the statements that the chilren must reach by the end of year 2 taken directly from the government's guidance on the assessment framework for what the children must reach by the end of year 2.
form lower-case letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the right place
form lower-case letters of the correct size relative to one another
I find if I'm strict now and embed this practice into their weekly tests then they are much more likely to meet this target at the end of the year. Although it may be a shock at the start of the year it very soon becomes habit and we are able to reap the rewards throughout the year. I explained all this to the children and explained that they shouldn't worry about this test as it's a great way to show off their knowledge and handwriting. I also told them that I am not particularly worried about their actual marks while this new process becomes embedded. As I mentioned at Meet the Teacher evening, please do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any concerns or queries and I am sure I will be able to help.
Thank you for your support and I'm sure we are going to have a great year.
Kind regards,
Mr Locke

Welcome to 2HR!

Hello and welcome to 2HR. I would firstly like to thank all the children and staff for making my first week at Leasowes so fantastic and I am very excited to see the progress the children make. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the lovely children in 2HR and look forward to furthering our class bond throughout the year. I can already tell that we are a lovely, lively bunch who will have lots of fun learning together. I am also looking forward to getting to know parents/carers as we progress our learning journey through Year 2.

'Meet the Teacher' will take place on Tuesday 11th September from 17:00-17:30 and again at 17:45-18:15. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Miss Ross

Friday 14th September

We have had a brilliant start to the year and all the children are settling well into a routine. We have begun our first English topic which is based around the non-fiction book 'Billy's Bucket'. We have been very busy, turning ourselves into buckets on the shelf in order to describe what we look like and what makes us special. Furthermore, we have looked inside our very own bucket using our imagination to describe what underwater life we can see.

Currently, our focus for Maths is Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. The children have been exploring alternative words for addition and subtraction, before completing some number sentences in their books. We have been using practical resources such as bead strings, 100 square grids and number lines to help us notice patterns within number sentences.

Important Information

Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday. If you find the time, it would be greatly appreciated if you practise spellings with them at home throughout the week.

Reading Records will be checked and signed on a regular basis. Please continue to read with your child as much as possible at home and sign their diary to indicate how many pages they have read.

Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and will be due in on the following Monday. Homework will alternate between English and Maths every week.

PE will take place every Tuesday and Thursday so please ensure that your child has the correct kit, clearly named.


Thank you so much for your support so far and please do not hesitate to come to me with any questions you may have. I will be on the class door every morning and end of day if you would like to have a quick chat. Alternatively, if you would like a lengthier conversation, please arrange an appointment with myself or the office or write it in your child's Reading Record.

Kind regards,

Miss Ross