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Welcome to our class page. 

We are looking forward to sharing our learning experiences with you.

This half term we will be learning all about ....

Spring 2

                                                                               Image result for people who help us early years

People Who Help Us!

Week 1:  The Police

Week 2: Life Guards and safe swimming

Week 3:  Fire Fighters

Week 4: Doctor surgeries and hospitals

Week 5:  Lolly Pop People and road safety

Week 6: Dentists and self hygiene

Week 7: Aspiration Week!

During Aspiration Week we will be asking parents to come into Nursery and kindly share what they do for their careers and hobbies. Closer to the time a letter will be handed out with all the information that you should require. We are very excited to see what this next half term brings! :) 


Nursery Love Science !

Image result for ice mobiles

Image result for ice mobiles

During woodland time this week we made ice mobiles! All of the children really enjoyed taking part in our investigation!

We collected materials from our Nursery woodland area and put them into different containers. Afterwards we poured water into each of the containers and left them outside to see if it would be cold enough over night to freeze them. Each day we have had a look at our experiment to see the result. On a couple of days the temperature had been below 0 degrees during the night which meant our mobiles had frozen! We were very excited to see this result and enjoyed touching and looking closely at them. They were very cold! 

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