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Welcome to 1CC!

6th October

1CC have had such a busy week of learning. On Monday, a special visitor arrived in our classroom.  Paddington had travelled from London to ask 1CC for help. He wanted to write to his Aunt Lucy in Darkest Peru. The children thought about how Paddington might be feeling, being so far away from home, and discussed what was different between London and Peru. Throughout the week, the children worked hard to write letters and postcards to Aunt Lucy. Later in the week, their attention turned to Paddington himself as they wrote a description to describe both his appearance and personality.

In Maths, the Paddington theme continued where the children measured paw prints, Paddington teddy bears, wellies and jars of marmalade. We used non-standard units (cubes) to measure and even started to measure in centimetres using a ruler.

As the weather gets colder, we discussed how easily coughs and colds spread in school, so we revisited how to wash our hands correctly to prevent germs being spread. This is particularly important when preparing or eating food. Our super handwashing came into use when Paddington asked us to make some marmalade sandwiches. I hope you all enjoyed them!

In Science, Paddington had been ‘singing in the rain’ and ripped his raincoat. The kind children decided that they would design Paddington a new raincoat, but they needed to find a suitable material. With this in mind, the children tested different materials to find the most waterproof, strong and flexible material for Paddington’s new raincoat. We decided that rubber or thin, flexible plastic might be best.

Thanks, as always, for your ongoing support with the children. They are becoming really independent with changing their books and it is so lovely to hear about their learning continuing at home. This forthcoming week, we will be looking for signs of Autumn so keep an eye out with your children for colourful leaves, conkers and darker mornings.

Best wishes,

Mrs Croton :) 


Just a quick note to say that in the front of your child's reading diary are the passwords to Espresso and Times Tables Rockstars. Also, the letters for our visit to Sudbury Hall were sent home on Thursday. If your child has misplaced their letter, please let me know asap and I will copy another one for you.


Mrs Croton :) 


Monday 23rd September

What a busy Monday 1CC have had!

On Friday afternoon, we showcased our Toy Museum to Year 2. We included all of the labels and captions which we had written over the past week. However, over the weekend something magical has happened. We checked the CCTV footage and saw that the toys had come to life over the weekend and wandered out of our classroom. We went to find the rest of the toys around school and encouraged them to return to 1CC. I have attached some of the CCTV photos to the tab on the left for you to see. Our mission this week is to write about what the toys have been secretly up to and question them when they return to our classroom.

In Maths this week, we are learning about 2D shapes and their properties. We are using a range of tools to create 2D shapes and counting their corners and sides.

In Science, we have been learning about different materials. Today, we worked collaboratively to wrap an egg so that when it was dropped it would not crack. The children were given a range of materials to choose from and could select as many as they wished. They decided that bubble wrap, foil and towel would be best to cushion the egg. When we dropped each egg, we made sure to drop each one from 1m onto the same surface to ensure it was a fair test. Only two eggs managed to survive completely unscathed.

As always, if you have any queries please catch me on the classroom door or write a note in your child’s diary and ask them to pass it on.

Mrs Croton :)


Just a quick note regarding the letter which was sent out on Friday in case it hasn’t arrived home with all of the children.

We have asked children to bring in a teddy bear from home for our Art lesson on Friday 20th September. We will be drawing our bears as part of our toys topic.

Further, we are practising our Harvest Festival song called ‘Five a Day’ and I have posted the link below. Enjoy!

Mrs Croton :) 


Tuesday 10th September:

What a fantastic first week in Year 1 the children have had. They have settled into their new classroom really well and it is so lovely to see so many beaming smiles each day.

Along with the rest of the school, we have been looking at 'An Atlas of Imaginary Places' in preparation for our showcase on Friday. We have seen a city which is filled with butterflies and a lake which grows vegetables. Make sure to join us after school in the KS1 hall on Friday to see the children's wonderful work.

In Maths, we have been practising counting to 100 and have started to look at ordinal numbers. 

A reminder that it is meet the teacher tonight so I'm looking forward to seeing many of there. Also, if your child hasn't yet brought in their PE kit please bring it is as soon as possible. 

Mrs Croton :) 

Key dates for the year:

Key Stage One Harvest: 17th October

Parent’s Evenings: October 22nd and 23rd, February 12th and 13th

Christmas Fair: 29th November

Sudbury Hall Educational Visit: provisionally booked 3rd December

Phonics Screening: Week commencing 8th June

Key Stage One Sports day: 18th June

Summer Fair: 26th June

Tuesday 3rd September:

Hello and welcome to Year 1. Meet the teacher is on Tuesday 10th September and I'm looking forward to meeting many of you there. In the meantime, hopefully you will find the following information useful. I have also attached our class timetable to the bottom but please be aware that this is subject to change. 

Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested on the following Friday. This will start with the first set of spellings being given out on Friday 13th September. These will be tested in the children's phonics groups.

Please hear your child read as often as you can and sign their diary.  Any reading is valued from road signs to favourite stories. We will give out school reading books as soon as we can so please bear with us. 

PE is on a Tuesday and a Wednesday (weather permitting!) Please can you ensure ALL clothing items are clearly named.

Mrs Croton :)