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Wow! What a busy week we have had in Year 1 this week. On Monday, we walked with Year 2 to Berkswich Church for a Christingle service. The children all walked beautifully and in church they did themselves proud as they joined in the singing and listened well to the stories. They listened to Christmas memories and learnt about the importance of the Christingle and what each part represents. They were very lucky on Wednesday to make their own Christingles with Miss Quimby during their RE lesson. I’m sure you would all agree that they all did a good job. The hardest part was stopping them from eating the sweets before taking them home!

The fun continued on Tuesday as all of Year 1 went on their educational visit to Sudbury Hall. Once again, the children absolutely shone and did themselves proud. They actively took part in all of the activities and listened really well and their behaviour was impeccable. During their time there, the children were able to look at the workhouses and were shocked to learn that children as young as themselves were sent to work during Victorian times. They even had a go at becoming chimney sweeps themselves as they were sent one by one up the dark steps of the chimney. The children loved this and many of them wanted to go up twice! The children were also able to play with old outdoor toys such as hula hoops, skipping ropes and cup and ball toys and they learnt that the old toys they were playing with had been made by hand as toys were expensive to buy. Esme showed a particular talent for hula hooping and she then showed some of the other children how to do it themselves.

In another room, the children were able to look at toys through the ages and were amazed that there was a whole bedroom stuck to the ceiling. It showed how toys had changed over the years and the children agreed that in the past children generally had less toys available to them than now. The final activity was to sort toys into hoops by how old they were. The children had to use their knowledge of materials and what they have been learning about toys from the past to sort them between three hoops showing toys that their grandparents would have played with, toys that their parents would have played with and toys from the present day. After a fun filled day of learning, the coach journey back was considerably quieter than on the way there as we brought home a year group full of very happy, but very tired children.

Rehearsals have started this week for our Key Stage 1 performance of Christmas with the Aliens. Thank you for helping your children to learn the words to all of the songs…we have seen a huge improvement over the week in the number of children who know the words. A letter has been sent home regarding costumes too. We will be having a full dress rehearsal next week before the big event on Thursday. We are all looking forward to sharing the production with you.

Just a reminder, on Wednesday 11th December, it is our Christmas dinner day so the children can wear their Christmas jumpers with their uniform. On Thursday 12th it is our performance of our production and on Friday 13th it is Christmas jumper day so again, the children can wear their festive jumpers with their uniform.

As always, I am on the door each morning and evening so if you need to speak to me please catch me there or write me a note in your child’s Reading diary. I can’t believe where this term has gone! The countdown to Christmas has begun and there is excitement in the air!

Mrs Dodd


Week Beginning: Monday 25th November

We have been having another exciting couple of weeks in Year 1 as we have been writing instructions in English. Last week, the children made a cup and ball toy and used Talk for Writing to rehearse the instructions for how to make it. They then completed some excellent writing, using time adverbials and imperative verbs accurately. This week, the children are continuing with the instructions theme but are writing instructions for how to fix the character Woody from Toy Story. Already, they have thrown themselves into Talk for Writing and will be adding some adverbs to their instructions to make their writing even more fantastic. I have been really proud of all of the class too because they have all been aiming for P* in presentation and have been focussing on their handwriting. I cannot believe how much they have come on since day 1 in September.

In Maths, we have been looking at addition and will be moving onto subtraction later in the week. We are focussing as a school on developing true fluency in Maths and ensuring that concepts are taught in a variety of different ways so that the children really embed their mathematical understanding. Again, I am so proud of how they all show active listening and active learning and they all give 100% effort to their tasks.

In other areas of the curriculum, listen out this week for tales from the children about saving the superheroes as there will be an exciting challenge set in Science this week! We have also begun learning our songs for the Christmas production so expect to be hearing them belting the words out at home too. The songs for the production this year are really catchy and the children are really enjoying singing them.

Just a little reminder that on Monday 2nd December, we will be walking to the church for a Christmas service so please ensure that your child has their coat with them, and on Tuesday we have a very exciting visit to Sudbury Hall. Both myself and the children cannot wait to go!

As always, if you ever need to speak to me I am on the door each morning and after school, or you can write me a note in your child’s Reading Diary.

Many thanks

Mrs Dodd



What a lovely couple of weeks 1BD have had. It was lovely to see all of their enthusiastic, smiling faces after Half Term and they have all come back with a super attitude towards their learning. We have moved to whole class teaching now after spending the first half term still working within continuous provision and I have been extremely proud of how the children have coped with it. They are all listening well and working hard independently and it is a pleasure to see the work they are producing.

Last week, we continued with our old toys theme and read Old Bear by Jane Hissey. The children really enjoyed reading about Bramwell Bear, Little Bear and the rest of the toys in the Toy Room and they thought of some excellent ways to get Bramwell Bear back out of the loft. Mrs Croton lent us some of her other Old Bear story books and the children have enjoyed listening to me reading the stories and then watching them on You Tube. This week, we have been looking at non-fiction writing and the children have worked collaboratively to make their own information book about toys. They have really enjoyed this and today they began writing their own independent piece in their books. It is wonderful to see them using all that they have learnt about old and new toys and putting it into their writing.

In Maths we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and using this to begin learning about multiplication as repeated addition. The children have been working practically to build arrays and write the corresponding number sentences. They have also been developing their reasoning skills through whole class guided reasoning tasks. They never fail to amaze me with the answers they give me. All I keep saying is “Wow!” and “Keep up the fantastic work!”

Science was huge fun this week as the children were set the challenge of building a boat for a lego man. They had to think about everything they have learnt about floating and sinking and select their chosen materials from a selection on offer. They worked really well and everybody’s boat stood up to the water test and floated successfully.

Next week, we will be moving on to instructional texts in English and halving in Maths. We will be linking the English to our Old Toys topic and writing instructions for how to make a cup and ball toy, and how to fix the toy Woody. Week on week they are all improving and I am excited to see what instructions they write next week.

Finally, I have noticed a huge improvement in the children’s reading. Thank you for your ongoing support with this. It is important that the children try to read everyday to an adult as this regular practise really improves their writing at school.

As always, if you ever need to speak to me I am on the door each morning and after school, or you can write me a note in your child’s reading diary.

Many thanks

Mrs Dodd


Monday 30th September

What a busy but fantastic couple of weeks 1BD have had. Last week we all had a bit of a shock when we walked into class on Monday to find that all of our toys from our Toy Museum had run away and were causing havoc around the school.

The children had a great time hunting for them all and gradually, over the week, we managed to encourage them all back to the classroom. Across the week, the children used Talk for Writing to tell a story about where the toys went and what they got up which led to them writing an independent piece of writing on Friday.

In Science, the children were set the Egg Drop Challenge. In groups, they were given a selection of materials and were asked to cushion their egg (either by wrapping it or by creating a pillow) to prevent their egg from cracking when it was dropped from a height of 1metre onto the table. Out of 5 groups, 3 eggs survived the drop but all of the groups had genius ideas for how to protect their eggs.

‚ÄčThis week, has seen a very exciting visitor arrive in Year 1. Paddington has travelled from London to ask 1BD and 1CC for help writing to his Aunt Lucy in Darkest Peru. Today, the children have thought about how Paddington might be feeling being so far away from home and discussed what was different between London and Peru. The children decided that Paddington is likely to think that London is quite strange as it is full of people and traffic and there aren’t as many trees. They have decided it is quite noisy in London due to it being so busy. However, they have assured Aunt Lucy that Paddington is fine as he is living with a lovely family and still has a good supply of marmalade!

In Maths, the Paddington theme has continued where the children have been measuring paw prints, heights of Paddington teddy bears,  how tall different pairs of wellies are and have even been measuring the heights of different jars of marmalade! Stay tuned to hear about the other Paddington themed activities that the children will be enjoying this week!

As always, if you ever need to speak to me I am on the door each morning and after school or you can write me a note in your child’s Reading Diary.

Many thanks

Mrs Dodd


Monday 9th September

We are now 4 days into our new term and already the children have amazed me with how quickly they are settling into their new routines. We are still focussing on our whole school book called “An Atlas of Imaginary Places” and have moved onto a new world where fruit and vegetables grow under water and the unreal is real. The children produced some lovely descriptive sentences about the page and have been labelling different fruit and vegetables.

During Science today I was very proud of them as it was our first lesson where we worked all afternoon as a whole class. We made predictions about whether different materials would float or sink and then carried out an investigation to check if we had been right. The children were very surprised by some of the results but were able to discuss their thoughts well.

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday 10th September) is Meet the Teacher where you are invited in to find out more about Year 1 and the upcoming year and on Friday we have our “Atlas of Imaginary Places” showcase after school.


Here is also an update of some key dates for the year:

Key Stage One Harvest: 17th October

Parent’s Evenings: October 22nd and 23rd, February 12th and 13th

Christmas Fair: 29th November

Sudbury Hall Educational Visit: provisionally booked 3rd December

Phonics Screening: Week commencing 8th June

Key Stage One Sports day: 18th June

Summer Fair: 26th June


As always, if you ever need to speak to me I am on the door each morning and after school or you can write me a note in your child’s Reading Diary.

Many thanks

Mrs Dodd


Wednesday 4th September

Wow! We are at the end of our very first day back at school and what a fantastic day it has been! It was wonderful to see all of the children back, full of enthusiasm and ready to learn. The transition from Reception to Year 1 can be a little daunting at first but we introduce the changes gradually and so I am sure the children will settle into their new routines quickly.

We began work today based around our whole school text called “An Atlas of Imaginary Places” and I was blown away by the butterfly writing that the children produced. We also began our Science topic of Materials where we were exploring different materials and their properties. It was wonderful to see the children so curious and eager to find out more.

Our main topic this term will be Terrific Toy Tales which will look at toys from the past, include an Educational Visit to Sudbury Hall and culminate in a Year 1 museum showcase to parents. As soon as we know the dates for these we will let you know.

I have asked the class to help me with two of the displays in class. The Proud Cloud is where the children can showcase their achievements. Please take a photograph of your child when they achieve something they are proud of and I will put this on display. For the Reading display I would love pictures of the children reading for pleasure their favourite books.

I have attached the timetable for Autumn below. Please note that PE will be taught on a Tuesday and Wednesday and Spellings will be sent home each Friday for the children to learn for the next week. New Reading books will be given out this week.

As always, I am available to speak to on the door before and after school. I hope the children are as excited as I am about the year ahead.

Mrs Dodd