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Active Ambassadors

Developing leadership within PE and sport helps children to acquire and develop many important and useful life skills which will be beneficial in adult life. It provides opportunities for children to work collaboratively with others, encouraging them to take responsibility and be able to make decisions, as well as enabling them to develop communication and interpersonal skills. In Year 5, our children study a Sports Leadership module as part of the PE curriculum, giving them the opportunity to actively engage in our in-house accredited Young Sports Leaders Award.

Within PE at Leasowes, our children have many opportunities to develop their leadership skills. One option is to volunteer and train to become an Active Ambassador. Currently, we have 45 enthusiastic, reliable and responsible Active Ambassadors who have a direct impact in organising an active and enjoyable Lunchtime programme for both key stages 1 & 2, encouraging all children to build healthy friendships, keep fit and more importantly, have fun.         

Our Active Ambassadors enable us to deliver safe, active, purposeful, engaging and fun lunchtime activities which not only help to improve the health and fitness of our children but also enable us to make the best use of our incredible outdoor facilities and resources.                                                                         

Healthy play enables children to channel their energy. In order to support our Active Ambassadors in their role of assisting staff to provide a range of exciting opportunities, we have created our Playground Charter for all children to follow, ensuring that all children are Ready, Respectful and Safe. Within this, the children understand the need to follow the STEPS to good manners.