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Anxiety and Worries

Sometimes in our lives things happen that make us feel worried. When we are not 'thinking straight', we can make our worries seem bigger than they actually are and this makes us feel anxious. Also, sometimes we can just feel anxious for no real reason, and this stops us working hard and enjoying ourselves. Remember that anxiety and worries are normal feelings. Whenever we feel anxious, if we can take control of our feelings it will help us to 'think straight', which will make us feel much better. We need to remember that everything can be sorted out, and that the adults in school are always ready to talk with you. The '5, 4, 3, 2,1 Grounding Technique' and 'Star Breathing' are great strategies to help us to take control of our emotions. You might also want to look at all the helpful activities in the 'Magic Triangle Activity Book'. Why not give them a try.