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Curriculum Design

At Leasowes, our curriculum is fully inclusive, and is designed to ignite curiosity and a love of learning.  At the heart of our curriculum design is our curriculum vision and key concepts. These underpin all that we do. Our curriculum is ambitious and enhanced by enrichment opportunities and memorable moments that excite and encourage life-long learners.

We follow the programmes of study from the national curriculum framework for KS1 and KS2, and the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. Underpinning these frameworks, each subject has a curriculum overview that sets out the units of study for each year group. You can find these in the 'Curriculum Overview' tab. 

We adopt a topic-based approach to learning.  Our broad and balanced curriculum ensures that each year group studies three or more topics over the course of the year. Our curriculum is 'Rooted in Reading' and high-quality, challenging texts are carefully selected to match each topic. All of our English lessons are themed and driven around this book-based approach. 

The foundation subjects are taught through our topics. Links are made in Geography, History, Art, Design and Technology, Computing, Music and PE. Where links cannot be made, the subject is taught discretely to ensure it remains rigorous. We adopt a knowledge and skills based approach to curriculum design. Each topic has a corresponding knowledge organiser. These set out the key knowledge that the children need to learn. The knowledge organisers are used as a tool for retrieval practice and to help the children to remember key facts and information about each topic. Once the children have gained knowledge about a particular concept, they may then be asked to apply this and use it in differing learning contexts as a skill. The knowledge organisers for each topic can be found in the year group tabs. 

Across the curriculum, meaningful links are made to ensure that our curriculum is progressive. Themes are mapped out that ensure children make connections between concepts and different periods of study. Our lessons are underpinned by both our school values, British values and the CRC (Conventions of the Rights of the Child).

The document attached below outlines our curriculum design on a page.