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Subject Lead: Mrs B Dodd

At Leasowes, we aim to develop in every child a strong understanding of the past through the chronological study of different historical periods and significant individuals. We aim for them to be inspired and curious learners who want to know more about the past, through the delivery of a rigorous, inclusive and coherent History curriculum. Through lessons that are planned progressively across the year groups, the children develop their chronological understanding and awareness of the past and how what has come before has shaped the world in which we live today, and recognise that it was the ‘everyday’ people; who made that change. At Leasowes, children study historical periods through a balance of substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge. We believe that strong knowledge sits hand in hand with the key skills required to be a Historian that ultimately enables children to fully grasp new concepts. By building a clear, chronological narrative, it enables the children to make sound connections between the past and present day, gain a true understanding of cause and effect and allows them to reflect on what can be learned from the past. The key skills of chronology, historical interpretations, enquiry and investigate, people, events and changes and presenting and communicating are not only fundamental to the learning of History, but are also key life skills that equip them for life beyond Leasowes.

‘History is who we are and why we are the way we are.’ David McCullough

Our curriculum is underpinned by the NC programmes of study and is designed to ensure that our children become efficient Historians who:

  • Have a clear chronological knowledge and understanding of the past
  • Can articulate knowledge about a period in History
  • Can make links between what has happened before and what is happening now, as well as to other periods in time
  • Can utilise the key historical skills to enable them to thrive beyond Leasowes and in later life

Our History curriculum is designed so that personal development is an intrinsic part. We strive to give the children the cultural knowledge to thrive in society. We believe it is important for our children to understand that the past was shaped and formed by everyday people like themselves. Therefore, children are exposed to both widely known significant figures from the past and those lesser known but who have still had significant impact. We always link the learning back to society at the time and reflect on the differences between rich and poor, men and women, children and adults. As part of the History curriculum, the children expand their cultural awareness through educational visits and experiences and learning opportunities that extend beyond the National Curriculum.

Interweaved throughout our ambitious curriculum is the study of local history in every year group. Local History is integral to our children’s learning as it not only develops a sense of place but it builds their understanding of how the changes that were happening within each period of History, were lived by people just like themselves. It develops in them an appreciation for the resources available to them in their locality and supports their reflection that they can and are able to make a difference to the future generations.

‘The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future .’ Theadore Roosevelt

At Leasowes We Celebrate: