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Junior Leadership Team

At Leasowes Primary School, we believe that every child should have a voice. This ensures that all children have their right to article 12 - respect of the views of the child - met. Each year a Junior Leadership Team (JLT) is formed through a rigorous application and interview process. Our JLT includes Head Boy and Girl and a Deputy Head By and Head Girl from Year 6, who work alongside two children from each year group who then meet regularly to discuss matters relating to the whole school. 

Meet the JLT

Emmy (Head Girl)










                                                    Harry (Head Boy)











Mariam (Deputy Head Girl)





                Ben (Deputy Head Boy)






Zachariah Y5


                                                                 Joey Y5 



Ruby Y5



                                                               Lucas Y5 


Kritika Y4



                                                                                           Sienna Y4


Charlie Y3 


                                                               Oliver Y3