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KS1 and KS2 before & after school settings

Before School Sessions

Children can be dropped off any time from 7.45.a.m. onwards. A light breakfast is provided for those children who choose to take it. There are plenty of resources available for the children to play with until it is time for school. At the start of the school day KS2 children are allowed to make their own way to their classes and KS1 children are walked to their classrooms by a member of staff .

After School Sessions

Every afternoon the children in KS1 meet in the KS1 hall, are registered and then walked to their after school setting by a member of staff. KS2 children make their own way to their setting after their last lesson. A drink and snack are offered to all children at the start of every session, the snacks are healthy and varied and always include a piece of fruit. 

The children can choose to participate in one of the adult led activities that are available each day or they may choose to play independently or with friends from the vast range of free choice resources that are available to them. Children also have the option to play outdoors during each session.

The child:staff ratios for KS1 are 1:10 or higher at all times.

The child:staff ratios for KS2 are 1:15 or higher at all times.

Children can be booked in and collected any time up to 5p.m./5.30p.m./6p.m.

All places in our before and after school provision are permanent and allocated on a first come first served basis.