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Reading Cloud

In order to allow the children to share their enjoyment of reading, and to encourage them to read a growing range of quality literature, we have an online library catalogue called the Reading Cloud. The system allows the children to electronically loan books and allows us to be able to track and monitor what the children are reading and when they are returning titles.

By using the Reading Cloud, the children will also be able to view our school library catalogue from home. They have their own profile where they can create their own avatar, blog about the books they have read, write reviews and add friends so that they can see what other people are reading in school.  The children will also be able to see the most popular books in school, meet authors by watching video interviews, as well as look at suggested texts and authors that the cloud has recommended based on their previous reads. These are just a few of the fantastic features that the Reading Cloud can offer and that helps to develop a reading culture at Leasowes.

You can access the system via the school website through the 'Reading Cloud Link' tab which sends you directly to the Reading Cloud website. Alternatively, you can access the Reading Cloud by using the following URL:

To log in, the children simply need their barcode number which should be stuck inside their Home School Record. At present, this acts as both their username and password. If you have access to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phone, then you can also download a new App called ‘iMLS’ to access the library from those devices.