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Religious Education

Subject Lead: Mr A Rock

At Leasowes, children will develop an understanding of the similarities and differences between people of different backgrounds and faiths. Through an inclusive and relevant approach to RE, all children will be provided with rich opportunities to explore, engage and reflect on religion in order to gain a coherent and balanced understanding of major world faiths when they leave at the end of Year 6. We aim to develop tolerant, accepting, and respectful individuals who are equipped with the skills necessary to live and work alongside others in our diverse and plural Britain, empathising with views different to their own. At Leasowes, we believe the golden thread to RE is tolerance, acceptance, and respect for all. These values create a classroom culture whereby children from different backgrounds and faiths feel confident to share their opinions and experiences of religion, without fear of judgement.

At Leasowes, our RE curriculum follows the Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus for RE, which works under the guidance and advice of SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education). Children at each Key Stage take part in a detailed study of the beliefs and practices of Christianity (we follow traditions of a broad Christian character at Leasowes) as well as learning about other world religions. Each year group covers 6 units across the year, which are mapped out on the RE curriculum overview. Units are planned thematically and include concepts such as: caring, belonging, celebrations and commitment. Links to examples from different religions are thoughtfully planned within units that the children learn about aspects of different faiths progressively.

Our curriculum is weighted towards Christianity, Hinduism and Islam as these religions reflect the background of our pupils and make RE relevant within a local context. We study those particular faiths in more detail but we make our curriculum ambitious by extending learning to other faiths including Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism. RE World Religion Overviews have been created to summarise key information and vocabulary linked to each world religion. The World Religion Overviews are used as a resource within lessons to ensure children can retrieve and articulate their knowledge of the world religions and leave Leasowes with an embedded understanding of the similarities and differences between faiths.

Enrichment opportunities and celebrations are planned to enhance the teaching and learning of RE and develop SMSC education. These enrichment activities include visits to places of worship; guest speakers; shared celebrations such as Harvest festival; performances of the nativity story and carol concerts; and Bible club.