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Safety First

Why do we have a Safety First Team?

Everyone at Leasowes knows that 'SAFETY COMES FIRST'.  It is everyone's responsibility to make sure that all of our pupils and staff are safe. We have a number of procedures to ensure that we are safe at school and our Safety First representatives help to make sure that we have a safe environment to work in.

Each class from Years 1 to 6 have a Safety First Representative and they have a number of responsibilities.

  • We meet on a regular basis to discuss any issues that might have developed.
  • They suggest new ways to ensure we are kept safe.
  • They have helped to devise 'child-friendly' class risk assessments.
  • They check their own classrooms and cloakrooms are meeting the required standards.
  • They keep a checklist against set criteria in their own classes and report back to the Staff on the Safety First Team.