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The Safety First Team

When we asked the children about Safety at Leasowes, this is what they said...

Who are the Safety First Team?

The Safety First team is made up of 2 pupils from every class from Year 1 to Year 6. They are let by 2 teachers. Mrs Dodd is in charge of the Key Stage 1 Safety First Representatives and Mrs Gee is in charge of the Key Stage 2 team. The representatives meet regularly (in Key stages and as a school) to discuss the safety of the pupils and teachers. 

The representatives are easily recognisable across the school because they wear their badges with pride:

What do the Safety First Team do?

Everyone at Leasowes knows that 'SAFETY COMES FIRST'.  It is everyone's responsibility to make sure that all of our pupils and staff are safe. We have a number of procedures to ensure that we are safe at school and our Safety First representatives help to make sure that we have a safe environment to work in. 

Each Safety First Representative has a number of responsibilities:

In each classroom there is a SAFETY traffic light system. The representatives are in charge of assessing the classroom throughout the day and, if there are any issues that need fixing (for example a spillage or chairs untucked) they can remove a letter from the traffic lights. The class then need to work together to rectify the problem to ensure they are always working safely. 

What else do the team do?

  • They meet on a regular basis to discuss any issues that might have developed.
  • They suggest new ways to ensure we are kept safe.
  • They have helped to devise 'child-friendly' class risk assessments. This is reassessed every year and then shared with the class. 

  • They check their own classrooms and cloakrooms are meeting the required standards.

  • They keep a checklist against set criteria in their own classes and report back to the Staff on the Safety First Team.

  •  They have developed a child-friendly fire procedure poster for each class so that all children know what to do if there was a fire. 

  •  They offer competitions to the school to ensure that all children are involved in the safety of the school. For example; to design a 'Washing Hands' poster for each toilet in the school. 
  • They also monitor the safety of children outside on the playground. Where there are areas that are slippy or dangerous, they will raise this with the teacher to have it rectified. 

At Leasowes everyone knows that we are a Walking School!