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Year 1

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Welcome to Year 1!

We are so happy that you are here and hope that you enjoy finding out about our learning journey along with being kept up to date with important events.

Miss Ross and Mrs Dodd

Home Learning: If your child is isolating with Covid, please find the home learning in the pupils secure area: Pupil Secure, Year 1, Home Learning 2022. 

Leasowes Primary SchoolLeasowes Primary SchoolLeasowes Primary SchoolLeasowes Primary SchoolLeasowes Primary SchoolLeasowes Primary SchoolLeasowes Primary SchoolLeasowes Primary SchoolLeasowes Primary School

Tuesday 21st June 2022

Already we are only a few weeks into the last half term and the children have been blowing us away with their learning. They have learnt lots of facts about the Sahara Desert and we even took a visit there last week! The children had to wait at the airport before flying all the way to Cairo. They couldn't believe what the desert looked like - lots of sand and camels! They met a tribe of people called the Tuareg Tribe and enjoyed meat and vegetable stew with mint tea and even had a camel ride! 

This week has already seen them have a visit from Wolseley Wildlife Centre where they made tree spirits, created artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and completed a bug hunt and classification task. Today, they tried different fruit ready for their design of a healthy breakfast pot and we even found out our new text for the next couple of weeks which is...Peter Pan! 

Keep checking Twitter for our latest tweets! 


As always, we are on the door each morning and evening if you need to speak to us. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross


Friday 20th May 2022

Wow Year 1 can you believe we have 1 more week left now until Half Term? We have been so busy learning we didn't realise the time was flying by. We have been doing so much wonderful learning this half term and the children could not have made us more proud.

In English, we have studied a book called Tom Crean's Rabbit and learnt about a ship that went to Antarctica as part of Robert Scott's final voyage. We were inspired by this and wrote a description of Antarctica as the sailors would have seen it. During this learning, we had been learning spelling rules for the soft 'c' and so we challenged the children to include as many soft 'c' words as they could in their descriptions. What they produced was amazing and aside from words like 'iceberg', 'ice' and 'icicles' some children included words like 'peaceful', 'graceful' and 'dancing'. We then decided to study Antarctica in more depth and this week have been learning about Antarctica in order to write a piece of information text. Here are some of the children's facts:

Antarctica is the coldest and windiest place on Earth.

Located within Antarctica is the geographic South Pole and every year Scientists mark this location with a metal pole.

Emperor penguins are the largest type of penguins and can grow up to 130 cm tall which is about the height of the average 6 year old.

Orcas (also known as the killer whale) is the largest of the dolphin species. It is known as the killer whale due to it preying on larger mammals and it has very long teeth to tear its prey.

Within our Topic lessons we have been learning more about Robert Scott and his voyage to Antarctica and this week learnt about Christopher Columbus and his voyage to America. To help us learn about Columbus, we learnt a song...perhaps the children can share this at home! They performed it beautifully.

In Maths we have been doing addition and subtraction on 2-digit numbers using the spider and fly method and this week have been learning how to measure accurately in cm the length and height of different objects. We have been so impressed with how the children have improved their reasoning and most of the children are now able to give a detailed reasoning explanation and back this up with their mathematical understanding now.

Next week will see us covering a range of grammar and spelling patterns, learning about position and direction and ending the week enjoying a whole school Jubilee Celebration day. What an exciting week ahead. We then will be wishing the children a happy Half Term before returning for the final few weeks in Year 1. Just a reminder, the first week back is the Phonics Screening Check. The children have been working so hard, we have no doubt they will do well.

Please find attached the timetables for the Summer Term at the bottom of this page. The important dates coming up are also listed below.

Important Information and Dates:

PE: Wednesday and Thursday every week

Phonics Screening Check: Week Commencing Monday 6th June

KS1 Sports Day: 16th June

Summer Fayre: 24th June

As always, we are on the door each morning and evening if you need to speak to us. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross


Monday 25th April 2022

Hello Year 1! Welcome back! Can you believe we are now starting the Summer Term? This year is flying by and we hope you are enjoying Year 1 as much as we are. We have so many exciting things coming up over this term. Our new topic is Let's Explore and we will be learning all about Robert Scott, Christopher Columbus and Helen Thayer. We will be exploring Antarctica and the Sahara Desert and also learning how to be a pirate later on in the term. In English we are going to be beginning the topic by reading a book called Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and we are so excited to share this learning with you.

Please find attached the timetables for the Summer Term at the bottom of this page. The important dates coming up are also listed below.

Important Information and Dates:

PE: Wednesday and Thursday every week

Phonics Screening Check: Week Commencing Monday 6th June

KS1 Sports Day: 16th June

Summer Fayre: 24th June

As always, we are on the door each morning and evening if you need to speak to us. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross :)

Friday 25th March 2022

What an amazing week Year 1 have had. We began reading The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton and discovered that in our Forest School Area 2 mysterious doors have appeared in the trees. They have statues of fairies outside of them and a small pathway leading up to them. Year 1 have been talking about this all week and think that there could be elves, pixies, fairies and trolls living behind the doors in an enchanted wood like the one we are reading about. This prompted them to write a character description of a grumpy troll called Edgar. There are some images below of a few of the descriptions...we don't like we would want to meet him - would you?

In Maths, the children have blown us away with their understanding of arrays for the 2s, 5s and 10 times tables and they have really been working hard on their problem solving and reasoning. Next week, they will be learning about volume and capacity in Maths and carrying on learning about the Enchanted Wood in English. Watch this space for more details of all of our exciting learning. 

Friday 18th March 2022

Wow what an amazing few weeks we have been having in Year 1. We have been learning about a book called "The Tin Forest" by Helen Ward. It follows the story of a man who lives in a place that is "near nowhere and close to forgotten and is filled with all the things that nobody wants." He lives in a small house in the middle of everyone else's rubbish and everyday is met with bad weather. Each night the old man dreams that he lives in a beautiful forest full of tropical plants and wild animals and one night he makes a wish. The next day, a bird is swept into the land and it drops a seed and over time the seed grows into a plant and then a forest grows. The children have LOVED reading it and have written some amazing pieces of writing including a character description, a diary and a setting description. They even wrote their own continuation of the story! Through this they have been learning new vocabulary; eerie, isolated, barren, perched, emerged, blustery...the list is endless and they have been keen to use this new vocabulary in their writing. 

In Maths, they have been focussing on Number and have spent a couple of weeks problem solving and reasoning using addition and subtraction. The children are really developing their confidence in using number lines and 100 squares to add and subtract and are recognising what vocabulary they need to use when explaining their reasoning. They have also been learning their number bonds to 10 and 20. Please practise these at home with the children as the quicker they can recall them, the easier they find so many more aspects of their maths. 

Elsewhere in the curriculum the children have been exploring the local history of Cannock Chase, with a focus on Castle Ring. Many of the children did not know this was there and are keen to explore it with their parents. They have also travelled to the Amazon to discover the plants, animals, physical and human features of the rainforest! They loved getting on the aeroplane and becoming research scientists and created some fantastic information leaflets as a result. 

Science has continued with our topic of plants and this week saw the children planting their own beans and dissecting a plant into its different parts. This was also part of the celebration of British Science Day. Over the next few weeks, we will be monitoring how the beans are growing so keep your fingers crossed because in a few months time, you may have a bean plant coming home to your garden! Check out some of the tweets from the week below. 

Just a little reminder that PE is on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child's PE kit is in school on this day. Our topic this term is fitness. Forest Schools is on Friday so the children also need their Forest School kit on this day. Each week the children receive a phonics book, this must be brought back each Friday to hand to their Phonics teacher. 

Next week will see us start a brand new adventure in English linked to a 'mystery door' and we will be focussing on using arrays in Maths when learning about multiplication. 

As always, we are on the door each morning and evening if you need to speak to us. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross :) 

Tweets of the Week:

Monday 28th February 2022

Hello everyone and welcome back! Isn't this year flying along now? We are beginning work on weight and mass this week so keep your eyes peeled for some tweets on how we are doing. We are also starting a brand new book called "The Tin Forest," by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. 

Year 1 have Forest School this half term so please remember to bring your Forest School kit each Friday. The new Spring timetable is also attached below. 

As always, we are on the door each morning and evening if you need to speak to us. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross :) 

Friday 11th February 2022

Thank you so much to all of you that could attend Parents' Evening, it is always a pleasure to discuss your child's achievements with you and your support is greatly appreciated. This week the children have been learning about fractions in Maths, retrieving their previous knowledge on halving before moving onto quarters. The week before, the children were learning about money. Take a look below at some of our work.

In English, we have been learning some traditional tales off by heart, recognising the common themes such as 'Once upon a time', living 'happily ever after', being set in a forest or magical kingdom and having good defeat evil. The children learnt the story of Little Red Riding Hood using Talk for Writing and then innovated certain aspects before writing their new version. We really enjoyed being authors! We have also created a factfile of non-fiction information about owls and hedgehogs; two woodland creatures. These were sent off to Stefan Pearse, the local 'Animal Man' to read and use when he teaches other children about these animals! We found this fascinating and loved having a true purpose to our writing. In addition, we have learnt new vocabulary in our Reading lessons such as 'eerie', 'lifeless' and 'mysterious' which fed into our writing lesson in which we described the spooky forest from our class text 'Into the Forest'. If you would like to read this story with your child at home, please click on the link below. Happy reading!

PowerPoint Presentation (

See the source image

Please see below some other areas of learning from the previous weeks. You are working so hard day in, day out. Well done Year 1. Miss Ross and Mrs Dodd are so proud of you all.

Monday 25th January 2022

Hello we have been working really hard in school and have been completing some amazing learning. We are regularly updating Twitter so if you follow and like our tweets you will see all of our fun learning. Here are some of the tweets below: 

As always, we are on the door each morning and evening if you need to speak to us. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross :) 

Wednesday 5th January 2022

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and new year. We are so excited to see you all back in school and to hear about all of the exciting things you got up to. As we said before Christmas, our new topics this term will be based around the theme of 'Into the Forest'. We will be exploring Cannock Chase and the Amazon Rainforest in Geography and we will be learning all about plants in Science. As we are 'Rooted in Reading' we have some very exciting texts to read in our English work that are all based on forests. These include Little Red Riding Hood, Into the Forest by Anthony Browne and The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. 

PE will continue on Wednesdays and Fridays. Phonics books will be sent home each Tuesday. However, please can these be brought into school each day along with the children's home readers so that when they are reading independently in school, or to a teacher, they have both their phonics book and home reader to choose from. 

Please find attached the Spring Timetable for Year 1. As always, we are on the door each morning and evening if you need to speak to us. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross :) 


Thursday 16th December 2021

WOW! It is the end of the first term in Year 1. Can you believe it? We can't! It has absolutely sped by and we could not be prouder of the children. Over this term they have grown in so many ways; moving from learning through Continuous Provision to learning as a whole class, they have developed their friendships and learnt how to manage their feelings and emotions more regularly and have fully embraced life in Year 1. When we look at their books, we cannot believe the progress they have made in their Writing and Reading and the amount of knowledge they can now retrieve about the different topics taught this term is incredible. We are sure that at home you as parents can see this progression too! 

The last 2 weeks has been very exciting in Year 1 as each day we have followed the Leasowes Advent calendar activities starting with decorating our classrooms and ending with a very funny Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime and Christmas film. The children have really loved the countdown to Christmas but they have still applied themselves and shown the Leasowes values through their learning. In English, we revisited the Toys in the Museum and read a story called Christmas at the Toy Museum. The children wrote some brilliant pieces about what they thought the toys might get up to in the Museum when it was shut for Christmas. In Maths, the children have been retrieving their knowledge of addition and subtraction, halving and measures to solve some mystery maths and in Science they conducted an investigation into waterproof materials to make a new coat for Paddington. 

Finally, before we say a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" to you all, we cannot leave this post without mentioning the amazing showcase that was the Year 1 production last week. Wow, wow, wow! As teachers we were so proud of each and everyone of them. They learnt so many words to songs and dances and considering this was their first performance to an audience, they were not fazed at all. We were so proud we cried - much to the amusement of the children. They were happy tears we assure you! 

We cannot wait to see the children back after the break and are so excited for their learning. Our new topic will be Into the Forest and in Science we will be learning about plants. Into the Forest will be a Geography based topic and focusses on Cannock Chase and the Amazon Rainforest. 

We hope you all have a well deserved break from school and have a very happy Christmas and New Year! 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross :) 


Friday 3rd December 2021

It has been a busy few weeks in Year 1. The children have been working extremely hard in all lessons and have been thoroughly enjoying themselves. In English, they followed a set of instructions to make their own cup and ball toys and then wrote instructions for somebody else to recreate their own. In Maths, they have been focussing on subtraction and last week were learning about direction and which is their left and right! 

The children were very lucky to go on an educational visit to the Museum of Cannock Chase. There they learnt about old toys, were able to collaborate to sort a timeline of old and new toys, they took part in a dance and art workshop AND they even watched a Punch and Judy show. As this was their first ever visit out of the school, even the travelling on the coach and eating lunch caused huge excitement. It was a pleasure to take them out of school and they did us all proud, showing the Leasowes values in action. 

This week has seen Christmas arrive in Year 1. Our classrooms are decorated and the children have enjoyed listening to Christmas stories and wearing festive head gear. They have been very busy practising their production and even performed to Year 2 today. They were amazing and we cannot wait for you to see their performance next week. The list of Christmas advent activities is below so that you can see what is happening each day. As always, we are on the door each morning and evening if you need to speak to us. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross :) 

Friday 12th November 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back! What an amazing 2 weeks it has been since Half Term. The children came back to school with excellent attitudes and have really risen to the high expectations of this half term. We began the fist week back with looking at non-fiction writing and the children worked really hard all to create an explanation text for their grandparents to tell them all about the types of toys they play with now. The children had to think very carefully about the purpose and audience when writing this and, since they are more used to writing fictional pieces than non-fiction, they rose to the challenge beautifully. 

This week in the English lessons we have been focussing on the wonderful story of 'Old Bear' by Jane Hissey. The children loved this and began the week by writing their own page for the book. They had to think of ways to rescue Old Bear from the attic. As teachers, we were blown away by their ideas - there was everything from jumping on the bed to building a rocket! One child even said that if the toys jumped up and down hard enough they would create an earthquake to make Old Bear fall out of the loft to them. Marking their work was an absolute pleasure. The second half of the week looked at Old Bear himself. The children had to use adjectives to describe his appearance and his personality. They were introduced to new vocabulary such as 'wise', 'knowledgable' and 'respectable' as well as 'tattered' and 'worn'. The children absolutely love learning new vocabulary and they were all keen to include these words in their work. 

In Maths, the children have been learning about Place Value and Odd and Even numbers. The children found Place Value quite tricky as it is hard to partition a number but they showed their Leasowes values in action by having the courage to keep going and challenge themselves and they set themselves high aspirations to achieve. The focus was partitioning numbers such as 34 into its 10s and 1s (30 + 4) and any further practise of this at home would greatly benefit them. The children have also been learning about odd and even numbers and were introduced to 2 aliens 'Ozzy Odd' and 'Evie Even'. The children were able to spot that odd numbers have a 1,3,5,7 or 9 as the unit number and even numbers have 0,2,4,6 or 8. They loved challenging themselves to sort larger numbers as to whether they belonged to Ozzy or Evie. 

Whilst our English texts still focus on the Terrific Toy Tales topic, we have moved on from our History topic of Old Toys, to focussing on the world around us in Geography. The last 2 weeks have seen the children learn the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom and their corresponding capital cities. To help them remember, we came up with some actions for each one so ask your child and see if they can teach you too! 

Year 1 did us very proud on Thursday when we took part in the school Remembrance service on the playground. They stood beautifully silent and showed great respect for the soldiers. They then applied the Art element of value, to create some beautiful poppy art work. This is on display between our classrooms. 

Coming up next week, the children will be learning how to make a cup and ball toy and writing instructions. They will be learning how to use a numberline for subtraction and addition and will be ending the week with visiting the Museum of Cannock Chase to learn more about toys from the past. We are very excited about their learning so far and cannot wait to share more with you. 

As always, please ensure you are reading with your child everyday. They have a Phonics book, a home reading book and the Big Cat e-books given to them so there is plenty for them to read. They can change their home reading book as often as they read in the boxes in our rooms. 

Have a lovely week! 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross

Friday 22nd October 2021

Hello everyone and happy half term! The children in Year 1 have worked so very hard over the past few weeks and Miss Ross and Mrs Dodd really enjoyed sharing their achievements this parents evening.

In English, we have been reading Paddington and our learning took us on a great adventure. We collaborated as a class to create a letter from Paddington to Aunt Lucy. We orally retold our letter together and focussed on writing this out in our books using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. After this, we have read Toys in Space in which we predicted what the toy characters in the story might do if they landed on a certain planet. As the week progressed, we researched facts about the solar system and shared them with the class. Year 1 showed so much fascination with this non-fiction topic and enjoyed writing down the super space facts they had learnt. We loved finishing this weeks' learning by completing a 'Solar System Retrieval Quiz'.

Our maths learning over the past few weeks has been very enjoyable; we have learnt about doubling, length, number bonds to 10 and addition and subtraction. We have used lots of new maths resources to support our learning such as counting bears and number lines. When learning about length, we enjoyed learning how to use a ruler correctly to measure objects alongside non-standard units such as cubes. We ordered pictures of Paddington in size from shortest to tallest and then did this with some members of our class! When learning our number bonds to 10, we followed the CPA model (concrete, pictorial, abstract.) This meant that we began by using the part whole model and Numicon to physically represent the pairs of numbers which total 10. Following this, we were introduced to the bar model where we learnt that the top bar represents the whole number and the bottom two bars represent the parts, of which the size of the bar corresponds to the size of the number. This was a really great way for us to see how number bonds work. We finished the week by progressing onto word problems which used our knowledge of the number bonds. We circled the numbers in the word problem and worked out how to solve it. Here are some photos of the progression of our number bond learning.

We hope you all have a safe and happy half term and a well earned rest. We can't wait to see you all again soon.

Miss Ross and Mrs Dodd

Monday 20th September 2021

Hello and welcome to another fun packed week of learning in Year 1. Exciting things have been happening within our classrooms and we hope that the children have been sharing this with you. 

Last week, we set up our own Toy museum. The children spent the week writing labels and captions for their toys, they built their own toys from lego and they also began looking at a selection of old toys. On Friday this was showcased to Year 2 children who enjoyed looking at all of the different parts of our museum. However, something strange happened on Friday night. We left the toys at the museum but when we arrived at school this morning we found that all of the toys had run away. They have been spotted causing mischief around the school and so this week the children will be spending time telling the tale of the toys that went missing and trying to encourage them back to our classroom. 

In Maths, the children have begun looking at 2D shapes. At home it would be beneficial if they could look at shapes around the house or different shapes of their toys. They have been naming squares, rectangles, triangles and circles and have been talking about their properties (number of sides and vertices). Some children have also been learning how to recognise a pentagon, a hexagon and an octagon. 

Science has continued with learning more about materials. The children are learning about the different materials around us and their properties, using vocabulary such as stretchy, hard, soft, flexible, waterproof, rough, shiny, dull  and smooth. Again, this is a good talking point at home when the children are playing with their toys or helping out around the house and extra use of this vocabulary would really reinforce their understanding. 

We have been really pleased with how the children have settled so quickly into life in Year 1 and they are all now becoming more aware of the routines. By the end of this week, the children will also be assigned their new Big Cat ebook for them to enjoy at home. We will assign 2 books per child every 2 weeks. These are to be read alongside their home reading book and their phonics book. 

As always, we will be on our classroom doors each morning and after school if you need to speak to us about anything. Please find below key dates and the class timetables. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross :) 

Friday 3rd September 2021

Hello and welcome to a brand new year in Year 1. We were so excited to welcome all of the children back to school and it was lovely to hear how much they had enjoyed the Summer Holidays. The children came in really well and very quickly settled into Year 1 life. There are a lot of new routines to learn coming from Reception into Year 1 so please do not be alarmed if your child becomes a little tearful initially. As soon as they are used to the routine they will be fine. 

We began the new term with a brand new book called "The Secret of Black Rock" and the children were very keen to listen to the story and approached the Talk for Writing activity with enthusiasm in abundance. As we are rooted in reading, we have chosen to focus on this book as a whole school so each class will be completing work related to it within English and Art lessons. This will be collated into a whole school display in the Key Stage One hall. In English, we will be creating warning posters to warn the fishermen about the black rock and to tell them reasons to stay away from it. In Art, we will be focussing on colour and shape to re-create a page from the book using oil pastels and paper. 

In Maths we are working on counting and number with a focus on ordinal numbers, one more and one less and counting groups of objects. To support your child at home, it would be useful for them to practise counting in 1s and 10s forwards and backwards, thinking about numbers that come before and after specified numbers. 

Phonics groups will begin next week but spellings and phonics books will not be sent home until the week beginning 13th September. Each week the children will come home with a reading booked matched to the phonic sounds they are learning that week and spellings will be sent home each Friday to learn for the following Friday. You child will also receive a reading book matched to their reading ability next week. This one they can change as frequently as they read. It is important for the children to be reading for at least 10 minutes each day to an adult. There will also be e-books available and reminders of login details will be sent out over the next couple of weeks. 

We hope that your children have enjoyed the first couple of days back at school and are as excited as we are for the learning ahead. As always, we will be on our classroom doors each morning and after school if you need to speak to us about anything. Please find below key dates and the class timetables. 

Mrs Dodd and Miss Ross :) 

Important Information and Dates:

PE: Wednesday and Friday each week

Phonics Information Evening: Tuesday 11th January 

KS1 Harvest - 13th October morning

KS1 Sports Day: 16th June

Summer Fayre: 24th June