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Welcome to 3B's page.

We look forward to sharing our Year 3 Roman Assembly with parents/grandparents on Monday 16th July at 2:30 prompt. Children are invited to come to school in a Roman outfit. A long plain T-shirt for a tunic with or without a belt would be fine. Add a piece of material draped over one shoulder for a toga if you like. Make sure it is cool and won't slip off when playing.

Monday 16th April

Welcome back to the Summer term and a new topic. We found out what the Romans ate: rather a messy lesson!

We used fake ‘poo’ as evidence to find out about the past.


Measuring and analysing ‘poo’ to see whether it was Roman, Viking or Tudor.



Our ‘finds’: melon seeds, bread grains, small stones, lemon pips and olive stones shows it was from Roman times.