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Welcome to 3LT's class page!

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Homework this week is combining both facts and features from English and History lessons. Children are to complete a poster of their choice (A4 or A3) about Roman life. Children can apply features from their writing lessons eg. Simple and complex sentences, subordinating conjunctions and exciting, powerful vocabulary to add extra details to their poster. Children have been encouraged to make them as eye catching and exciting as possible. The poster can be completed on the computer or by hand and can have both text and images. Enjoy! :)


Just a quick reminder that it is our visit to Wroxeter tomorrow (Friday 14th June). Slips were given out earlier this week relating to clothing choice, due to the bad weather we have been experiencing. Children are expected to arrive at school in their full school uniform. If your child has a warm, waterproof or rain jacket then please send them with it. Suitable footwear is also required, any open style, ballet shoes will not be suitable as their socks may become wet during rain downpours. If your child has a smart, appropriate pair of shoes or boots that will fit with their uniform then please allow them to wear them.

Thank you for your support! Fingers crossed for nice weather! :)


Wow! How are we in our final term of the year already? Time is flying by so quickly!

In Year Three this term, we have started to focus on a poignant time within British history - The Roman Invasion! We have researched time periods throughout British history and now understand where the Romans fit and also why they were so important!

In English, we have started to focus on a story called "Roman Invasion" which gives an insight to the battle between the Celtic tribes and the Roman Army. Children have listened to the viewpoint of a member from the Carvetti Tribe and have used that to create their own viewpoint from a soldier within the army. 

In Maths, we have revisited the area of statistics, children have interpreted and presented data in a variety of formats e.g pictograms and bar charts. Children have solved one and two step problems related to the data they have collected. 


Thank you to everybody who attended our family learning event on Monday. It was lovely to see so many of you collaborating with the children to create a masterpiece. I must say the water cycles look amazing and are going to be displayed around the school somewhere very shortly! The children thrived and knowledge was embedded throughout. A massive thank you for supplying specific materials that your child had chosen to use also - it was a big help.

This week in English children are looking at myths and legends. We have looked back at some well known ancient Greek myths are are currently using them to create a mythical story of our own. Children have been developing their reading skills by using a range of strategies to answer comprehension style questions about a range of myths.

In Maths this week we have been developing our knowledge of time even further and are continuing to compare an analogue clock with a digital. Time is something in which we discuss and develop regularly as we slot it in to our daily routine e.g How many minutes until playtime? Playtime will be at ten to so when the larger hand reaches the number 10 (because that is the minute time etc). 

After this week our topic of water, water everywhere will be concluding and we will begin The Romans after the holidays! I am very excited and I can't wait to share all of my pictures of the roman fort from my recent trip to Rome. I may be more excited than the children!

Children will receive spellings, times tables and a small piece of Maths and English homework to complete over the holidays (Both pieces will be half the size of the usual piece as we are sending both subjects). Homework will be expected back on the first Monday (29th April).

Finally - This Thursday (11th April) is "Aspire to be future me" day where children can come dressed in an outfit that represents something that they aspire to be! I look forward to seeing those.

Thank you for your continued support.

Three days to go but I wish you all a lovely safe break!

Miss Thelwell :)

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Another fantastic week so far in Year Three. First of all can I please thank all of the parents who supported on our visit to Wolseley on Tuesday and to all those who volunteered to support also. The children seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and even the rain supported us! The children experienced a range of activities from pond dipping, to taking measurements of the river and exploring the wildlife. The children worked collaboratively to retrieve creatures from the pond and identify them against their checklist. I must say there were some very unusual looking creatures appearing in the trays!

Since returning from our visit, we have started to look at non-fiction writing by discussing and sequencing events from the day. Children have been sequencing images and creating small descriptions of the day. We have started to focus on rules and tools of non-fiction recount writing; past tense vocabulary, first person and adverbials.

As part of our Maths this week children have been completing the NFER assessments. These are completed at the end of each term (Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2). These assessments assess all mathematical areas taught within each term and provide us with a greater understanding of where the children are currently working at within the Year Three curriculum. The maths assessments consist of three separate assessments; arithmetic, paper one and paper two (reasoning). 

The focus of the English homework this week is using prefixes (ir, il, im and in) and being able to understand the rule - Do the children notice any patterns between any of the root words that fit with the prefixes? Spelling focus is also on the four prefixes (il, im, in and ir). We are continuing to focus on the 8x table and exploring the patterns between 4x and 8x table and also 3x and 6x table. Place value is a theme that is continuing to run throughout our weeks and any additional support done at home is appreciated greatly. 

Parents evening slips have been organised and arranged and will be handed out in due course. If you are unable to attend your parents evening appointment, please do leave a message in your child's diary or contact the school office to rearrange.

Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Thelwell


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Spring has finally arrived! Isn't it lovely to wake up and the sun is shining :)

This week in English 3LT have been focusing on newspaper reports. They have been reading and researching about real life flotsam tales. The whole class have been engrossed in the details about what actually happened, how long the cameras have been missing and who found them after such a long period of time. These details have then acted as a stimulus for them to write their own version of events in their very own newspaper article. I must say we have had some very interesting and imaginative newspaper names :)

In Maths we have continued to focus on number knowledge and place value. This week we have focussed on rounding numbers to the nearest ten or hundred. We are continuing to revisit number bonds, number facts and addition and subtraction at various points throughout the day; lining up for lunchtime, starter activities or even just before home time. We are driving those times tables facts and children now have a good understanding of the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10x table. We are continuing to drive the 6x table and the 8x table and constantly seeking patterns from others e.g 3x table and 6x table (doubling pattern).

If you have any outstanding forms for parent consultation appointments, family learning event or the Wolseley visit taking place on Tuesday 26th March please can you return them ASAP.

Homework this week is Maths focusing on pictographs to embed the knowledge taught a few weeks ago in class. Individual spellings can be found in your child's reading diary and will be tested on Friday. Please also feel free to access and visit the school twitter page to keep up to date with events within the school.

Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Thelwell :)  




Hi everybody!

In English this half term we have been focussing on the book 'Flotsam'. So far children have created wonderful setting descriptions and persuasive adverts to advertise an old fashioned style camera.

In Maths we have revisited number knowledge and place value, children have looked at partitioning three digit numbers in a variety of ways e.g 956 - 900 + 50 + 6 or 800 + 150 +6. We have moved on to focus on the 8 times table and 6 times table.

Homework this week is a grammar activity. To support this we have sent out small grammar packs containing key terminology and examples of how to use specific word classes. Spellings can be found in your child's reading diary as we have grouped spelling groups across the year group.

Our visit to Wolseley will be taking place on Tuesday 26th March. If your child has not returned their slip yet, please could you return it ASAP. Thank you to all those who have already volunteered.

Two letters have been sent out today; one regarding parents evening appointments and one regarding our family learning event on Monday 8th April.

Thank you,

Miss Thelwell


Hello :)

We have had a fabulous week in Year 3! Children have really excelled themselves in many areas of the curriculum. In writing this week children have been developing their skills of descriptive writing and have been creating wonderful character descriptions of our mystery character "Valera" from our class focus text. After reading so many I don't think I would like to meet her any time soon!

In Maths this week children have been applying their times tables and multiplication knowledge to solve division problems. Children have accessed and practised using a variety of methods ranging from: partitioning, bar model method and the bus stop. Children even challenged themselves to find remainders and cross the tens barrier for specific number problems.

Our art focus over the past two weeks has been tone. Understanding what tone is and exploring tone by using a range of materials. We are developing our skills with water colours this week!

Homework this week has been set on Education City and has an English/SPAG theme to allow children to access both sides of the Maths and English curriculum. I am really pleased at how many children were able to access the Education City site and had a go at their homework - well done!

Times table focus this week: 4x table and starting to begin 8x table. Constant recap of those others previously taught; 2x 3x 5x and 10x.

Spellings this week (to be tested 14.2.19 due to reward morning)

they    vein   neighbour   eighteen   obey    reign    sleigh   eight   prey    weight

ONE LAST THING - I would just like to say a huge thank you to everybody that attended the Art Exhibition! With it being our first time hosting an event like this, it made me feel really proud to see so many faces supporting it! The children were so enthusiastic throughout the whole build up and exhibition! Well done!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Thelwell :)

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Hi again everybody! I just wanted to inform you that the homework for Year 3 this week is an Education City task. Children have all accessed Education City today during our computing slot and are familiar with their log ins and the way around the site. I have shown children what the page will look like when accessing from home and also how to find their way to the homework section.

I have attached a 'How to guide' in the letters home section of this page. If you click the link 'Letters Home' and then click on the document 'Accessing Education City' the document should automatically download and is self explanatory. Children also have a copy of their username and password glued into the first page of their home reading diary.

This week's focus for homework is Maths, there are four activities to complete; 3 linked to times tables and 1 linked to money recapping last weeks lesson focus. All activities are tablet friendly and hopefully should work on a range of tablets at home.

Any problems or queries, please do raise them with me :)

Thank you!


Wow! Another week has flown by and we are already half way into the Spring 1 term! The sun will be out before we know it :)

Children have worked extremely hard this week building up their knowledge of adding tension and suspense within a narrative. We have been focussing on the first chapter from Tom Moorhouse's 'River Singers'. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and listening to such exciting plot twists and turns. I already can't wait for next week to develop those skills some more!

In Maths this past week, children have been applying their addition and subtraction skills to problem solving with money. Children have found a range of possibilities for finding specific amounts and have also started to focus on giving change both practically and formally.

Our topic of Rivers and Plants both in Geography and Science has come along fantastically! I was amazed with the standard of presentation in Science books. The children should be very proud of themselves.

Times table focus this week: 3x and 4x table. Looking at the relationship between multiplication and division and using those skills to work out times tables.

Spelling words to be tested Friday 1st February:

breath   breathe   appear    disappear    caught   complete   decide    describe   busy   early

One last thing - A reminder of the Art Exhibition open to all parents on Thursday 31st January at 3:30pm in the KS2 Hall. A fantastic opportunity to come along and celebrate the effort and enthusiasm children have put into their work. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Thelwell

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Week Commencing 21.01.19


Just a reminder that homework is due in on Monday and then handed back out on a Wednesday. This time frame then allows us as teachers to check the homework efficiently and give any feedback that may be needed or time to discuss any areas with children. Homework will alternate between Maths and English each Wednesday. This week the homework that is due in is Maths and on Wednesday (23rd) English will be sent out.

Children are encouraged to work on their times tables throughout the week, additional to their homework given. Our focus for this week is the 3x table. Spellings will also be tested on Friday. The spellings are focusing on the silent 'c' when using the 'sc' spelling. The spellings this week are:

scent, scene, science, muscle, scissors, crescent, ascend, descend, fascinate and discipline.

Thank you :)

Miss Thelwell


Hi everybody! Welcome back after a lovely relaxing break!

Over the next two half terms our topic is based around Rivers and Plants. Children will be making cross-curricular links between Science and Geography. 

In maths we are starting to focus on different areas of measurement including; length, mass, money and time. Children have developed their knowledge of column addition further and have been introduced to the expanded addition method. Times tables continue to run through all maths lessons as starters, plenaries or verbal discussions.

In English children are starting to read the book "The River Singers" linking to our topic of rivers. Children have already produced some fabulous poetry including many grammatical features!

Homework will continue to be handed out on a Wednesday and handed back in the following Monday.

PE days are now Tuesday and Friday.

Miss Thelwell :)


Wow! How are we into our third week of the Autumn two term? Time is really flying! The children in 3LT have been working ever so hard over the past couple of weeks. 

Over the past half term we have been focussing on 'The Stone Age'. Children have developed their knowledge of how stone age people lived, what stone age people ate and also what an average day in the stone age was actually like. We were privileged to have the 'Time Zone' company come in and host a Stone Age themed day which the children thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you for supporting with contributions towards that day and also with amazing costumes!

In Maths over the past few weeks we have been focussing on these areas; 

  • Number and place value
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • 3d Shapes
  • Fractions

We are continuing to drive the mental recall of number bonds and times tables to support with all areas of maths learning. Children are being provided with opportunities throughout the school day to practice those areas.

PE days are now Monday and Friday for this half term. Please can you ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school on a daily basis. As it is still dry and not too chilly we will try to ensure we can still get outside for some PE sessions so please can we ensure children have warm jumpers and joggers :)


Thank you!

Miss Thelwell :)



Welcome to Year Three and also to Key Stage Two!! Woohoo!!


Wow! A full week completed in Year 3, time is flying past us! A quick note this week just to say that homework has now been given out and was due back in today. If your child has not completed their homework for the Monday morning, can you please try to have it in school for the Tuesday at the latest. Spellings have also been given out and are focussing on the rule: Adding a suffix beginning with a vowel to a word with more than one syllable e.g garden (gardening) ing starting with the vowel (i).

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Important Information:

Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested on the following Friday. 

Reading records will be checked and signed on a daily basis, children can swap their reading books on a daily basis also if they wish.

Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and will be due in on the following Monday. Homework will alternate between Maths and English each week.

PE is on a Tuesday morning with myself and Mr Williams. Please can all children bring a named PE kit and suitable footwear. 

As the colder weather approaches please can children bring coats as it can become a little chilly at playtime and lunchtime.

Thank you for your support.                                                                                  

Miss Thelwell :)